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SOLD Hunt? Fish? Plant? Build?

You know, it might not be popular among the politically correct set but… I like to hunt. I eat venison. I eat fish. I even eat squirrel. I don’t need a fancy euro-cruiser, I’ll take my old 4 wheel drive… Continue Reading →

SOLD Downtown Penthouse w/ Offices below

Need a place for your business/office? Have plans to expand and need room to grow? Want the convenience of being right down town, across from the county courthouse? and to top it off… Wouldn’t you love to live in “The… Continue Reading →

SOLD 3 lots, fix me up!

I don’t have a great story for this house. This place is waiting for you to write your own story. Not everyone can start off with their dream home and just write a check but… What if you could get… Continue Reading →

SOLD – side street mall

Take a Walk Down an Old Time Main Street, Without ever going outside! Do you remember “back in the day”, or heard stories of then at least, when you could grab a coke and walk down the street? Stop by the old antique… Continue Reading →

SOLD My own resort

I work Hard! I don’t have a lot of time to travel so I want a place that is like my own personal resort! I want to be able to watch the deer and the birds in my back yard. I want… Continue Reading →

1920’s charm but updated! – SOLD

SOLD I remember visiting my great grandmothers house when I was little, (yes, that was a long time ago) and she had this little nook in the kitchen with built in table and benches to sit on.  It was the… Continue Reading →

SOLD wooded luxury

SOLD   The first time I drove up this private road, there were two deer standing in the drive.  I thought, “I’m going to like this place.” as I drove on through the curving lane and the woods it just… Continue Reading →

SOLD 3 units

do you want to be a landlord? Have you got a little extra cash or able to do work yourself? if so, this place could be very profitable. it is currently 3 units and is fully rented. email me for… Continue Reading →

Better Than Rent! – SOLD

I’m tired of paying rent! I’m tired of making money for the landlord! I want a place of my own where I can do what I want, when I want to do it! I want want a home! I don’t… Continue Reading →

Castle Creek

If you are looking for a little ranch house with on a tiny lot with a bunch of neighbors… THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU. If however, you are looking for a place to build your dream home, on a… Continue Reading →

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