Need a place for your business/office?

Have plans to expand and need room to grow?

Want the convenience of being right down town, across from the county courthouse?

and to top it off…

Wouldn’t you love to live in “The Penthouse” apartment right upstairs?

This place, at 116 E Jefferson St, in Downtown Tipton

was a big open space that smelled like a gym.  I guess that’s because it was actually a DoJo.

So what we did first is buy a can of Febreeze and started building walls.

but not just any walls…

We didn’t really know what the future would bring so we had steel framing that went clear to the top of the 10ft ceilings. and since we didn’t really know how many offices we needed, we made it so walls could easily be added or subtracted.  As things are now, there are 2 large  “double office” rooms that could be used for multi person offices or conference rooms.

Then we put in 4 private offices and one 2 room office suite near the back.  That way the “Boss” could hide out.

There is also a big break room/copier room.

and if you need storage, there is a kind of secret room that is between the first and upper levels that is approx 25 x 10 ft.  If you can’t fit all your files in that room, you have too many and need to recycle some of that paper.

Back in the days when i had four kids that showed up at the office frequently it would have made a great Play Room. Out of site, but still close by.

Now, I said Penthouse earlier…

I’m not sure what the definition of a Penthouse is but this is a really nice apartment upstairs. We kept the old wood work, refinished the wood floors, and updated all the mechanicals. Where it got the name The Penthouse, is the first renter we had in there, well, he said it was just like living in a penthouse where he could look out over the action in town.  Plus it was close to all the nightlife.  Ya, he actually used the term nightlife.  You could tell he wasn’t from Tipton.  That’s not a term used very often.

The price is $75,000.

for more info

    Call  Doug Heron, at 317-376-4837.

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The Penthouse