Rent prices are going through the roof!

and it’s not going to get any better.

if you have ever wanted to buy your own place and be your own boss,

this may be your best chance.

if you want to paint a room, YOU CAN.

if you want to remodel the bathroom, YOU CAN.

if you want to build a garage in the back yard, YOU CAN.

Never ask a landlord for permission to do anything you want again.

This place has 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, a big living room,

and a big back yard that you can grill out in, put up a pool, play volleyball,

you name it, you can do it!

and for less than you would have to pay for rent in this town.

to find out if you qualify go here meridian mortgage

or here mortgage city

or talk to your current banker


If you want to see this place

    Call  Doug Heron, at 317-376-4837.

or email,

If you already have your own agent, that’s cool too. 

Just have them call to set it up.