What people have to say about HERON Real Estate

It doesn’t matter what some real estate agent says about himself,

It’s what other people say about him that counts!

This is what people say about us.

Roger and Jane Carey

  • I wasn’t your only client, but felt like it.

Paul & Lindsey Henry

  • Everything was above and beyond what we were expecting!  Great communication! I never had to wonder what was going on.  You contacted us every step of the way, talking us through everything.

Amy Miller

  • HERON Real Estate worked really hard to find the right home for me and my daughter.  And if you have a problem after all the paperwork is signed and done they are still there for you, helping in every way possible.

Dan & Rhonda Somers

  • Doug made our first selling experience a good one.  He was able to work around our schedules to make the process convenient for us.  He explained each step, simplified the paperwork, and provided excellent advice to hep us get the most out of our house.  Thanks again!

Bud & Nancy Horton

  • I will forever be in debt to you for all that you have done for us.  I want you to know how much I appreciate you taking care of  Mother’s home.  Thanks a million.  You were flexible.  Also appreciated your willingness and tenacity.  Thanks again so much!

JoAnn & Joe Tansy

  • We appreciate your keeping us informed.  Your honesty is outstanding.  Your manner in taking car of business is excellent and we will recommend you to others.  We think you did a great job!!  Thanks a million.

Rick & Denita Gray

  • We can’t thank you enough Doug for how you went out of your way to help us.  If we hear of anyone wanting to buy we’ll give them your number.  Thanks again!

Connie & Dan McClearran

  • Your kindness and understanding!!  And having patience with us, make us feel at ease!!  Keep on doing what you do best!! Sell Houses.

Bob & Carole McNally

  • Friendly and easy to talk to.

Pat & Amy Larson

  • You gave warning before you were going to show the house.  That was great considering Pat worked 3rds and we have kids.  You sold the house in the time we needed. Thanks!

Mark & Lisa Jenkins

  • Overall we had a good experience.  What I liked most was you seemed like a guy I could talk to.  Good PR skill..  Thanks

Carlo Tina

  • Thanks for sticking with me for over a year of searching for the right home for me.  Thanks for your patience, your local knowledge of the area and most of all your personal service.  I’ll be glad to recommend  you to my friends and family..  Thanks for the moving van too.

Clint & Crissy Proffitt

  • Your ability to make first-time buyers feel comfortable about such a big decision.

Earl McGinnis

  • You listened to me and my concerns and kept me calm when I didn’t understand what was happening.

Scott & Cheri Leffler

  • Doug and his team returned all of our calls very promptly and answered all of our questions.  They were honest and very helpful.

Brian Traut & Brandi Glass 

  • [You] took on a task that [you] knew would be drawn out and difficult.  Explained everything thoroughly.  Was upfront and honest. You were awesome!!! Thank You so much for working with us on our first home purchase.  We love it!

Jeff & Connie Neff

  • Very personable.  Strong awareness of a person’s needs.

Travis & Chasity Phifer

  • Consistent, commitment, dedication to your customers – friends.

Lee & Lana Cardwell

  • You never got discouraged or lost confidence that we would find the right buyer.

Jason & Angela Creager 

  • HERON Real Estate made the purchasing process hassle free.  I do feel as if the were looking our for our best interest.  The moving van HERON Real Estate provided us was extremely useful and the fact the van was free of charge was an added bonus. Thanks.

Tim & Sandee Critser

  • You got it sold

Sean McCormack 

  • Thoughtful & Thorough!  Personal service.

Mike & Jennifer Stacy

  • We were kept up on everything that was going on.  Even if there wasn’t any news we were called just to touch base. Keep up the great work!

Dr. Jerry & Michelle Powell

  • Doug was instrumental in our transition to Tipton…a community we knew little about.  We are very pleased with the amount of information given to us by mail and over the internet.  We couldn’t have wished for a more helpful agent.  Not only did he go out of his way to show us numerous homes in one day, while dragging our 2 year old along, he gave us lots of general info on the town itself.  We ended up purchasing land in lieu of a pre-existing home, but we will certainly refer everyone we bump into to Heron!!

Pam & Paul Dailey

  • The friendliness of everyone and having everything ready for the meetings and the closing.

Kim Parton

  • When I finally decided on the right house you made the rest easy for me.  I was amazed at how easy you made this for me.  Thanks for all you did.

Brock Badger & Michelle Killingsworth

  • I thought you were good about returning calls and being on time and having time for us.  Most of all for making  me feel a part of everything! Thank You.

Matt & Tami Tebbe

  • You kept working until we found the perfect house.  You explained everything very well so we could understand everything to do with buying a house.

Jeff & Lisa Pogue

  • You always returned our calls.

Wilma Horton

  • I was very pleased with all that was accomplished.  Thanks Again.

Gary & Kim DeWester

  • was very prompt & attentive and did great at returning phone calls.  Doug was totally knowledgeable about repairs and services that were going to be needed @ the property.  Great Service!

Herb Bachman

  • A very congenial owner, salesman and I appreciated the way we were kept informed on the progress of the endeavor.

Sam & Amy Friend 

  • Doug was very helpful and communicated with us throughout the process.  Everything was fine!

Shirley McLearran

  • You couldn’t have done any better.

Tony & Brenda Blades

  • The experience we had with you was much more satisfying than the one that we had with the larger real estate agency in Kokomo.  As you led us to believe, your marketing approach proved to be the best method selling our house….Overall our experience was professional and high quality and you will be getting future references from me.

Les & Glenda Brumbaugh

  • We truly believe you are the best at what you do!

Mark & Diane McCormack

  • You are very honest and forthright.

Joe & Loretta Bear

  • I knew you would aggressively work to accomplish the sale of our home as quickly as possible. We believe you really had our best interest at heart, and we liked your friendly attitude.

Lynn Findlay

  • You couldn’t find a better person to work with. Doug cares about his clients needs, rather than his own. If he makes mistakes, which we all do, he’s the first to admit it and make it right. If you choose Doug Heron, you will be very pleased.

Don & Tammy McElfresh

  • We knew you would take the time necessary to help us find what we were looking for. You are aggressive & knowledgeable.

Matt Horstmeier

  • Very helpful, informative, honest.

Cal & Kim Warner

  • We appreciate the home warranty policy you gave us after the troubles we had. Your office has very friendly workers!
  • (THREE YEARS LATER) We were ready for something larger, we received the weekly mailings and finally the perfect home came up for sale! They called us quickly and we got it!

Dick & Tracy Weddell

  • Very knowledgeable of the real estate business. Prompt & friendly service.

Brett & Lisa Tishner

  • You sold our house quickly and at the price we wanted.

Janis & Larry Piel

  • You were both very easy to work with and returned our calls ASAP!

Scott Pumphrey

  • You returned calls, answered question and helped a lot.  Thanks

Laura Cast

  • Your service was very good. I will recommend you to others. I thought you did well in everything.

William & Reita Bartley

  • The sale was speedy. (Which we thought the property would set for a spell.) P.S. Completely satisfied.

Betty Jenkins

  • Everyone was great & always there for us with answers to our questions.

Betty Riggs

  • Everyone was so nice & helpful. Can’t thank you enough.

Don Whisler

  • Your service was excellent. I appreciate the quick sale of the house. You and your employee’s were nice to work with. Good job.

Annette Murray

  • You’ve taken care of all my concerns & problems; even after my closing. You go out of your way to make customers happy.

Dan Hiatt & Dawn Seal

  • You went above & beyond the call of duty. We have not 1 complaint. And we thank the both of you for helping us find our Dream Home!!!

Tim & Shelley Phifer

  • I feel you’re willing to be more flexible on situations than other realtors.

Mike & Maggie Holderman

  • I was very pleased with the effort you put in to help us get in our new home. We were all settled in by Thanksgiving and had a houseful. We could not have done this without your help. I have and will continue to recommend your services. Keep up the good work.

Jeff & Diane Heard

  • Very informative & honest. We never felt pressured or uneasy. Keep up the good work.

Bob & Gretchen Vannatter

  • Friendly & helpful.

Wally & Catherine Abel

  • Excellent, excellent & excellent. You told us what we needed to know without pestering us.

Charlie Brown

  • I thank you and greatly appreciate your service. With me in Florida, you were INDISPENSABLE. Your service was not only professional, timely & sincere, but pleasant.

Gene & Pat McCormack

  • Interested in helping us find the right place.

Tom & April Clark

  • You were very pleasant and eager to help us find what we were looking for. professional, knowledgeable & friendly.

Paul & Sandy Luchtefeld

  • You got the job done & within the timeframe.

Lori Buck

  • I really felt like you were working for us, not just “doing a job”.

Doyle & Sonia Henry

  • You were very helpful & made buying a house as easy as possible!

Joe & Andrea Duvall

  • You always went out of your way to help us.

Trevor & Carey Phifer

  • Doug helped us get a house with now down payment and was very helpful to us. Doug is down to earth and awesome to work with!

Todd & Shay Dell

  • Always available to meet out needs. Thanks a lot!

Brett & Karen Stoker

  • Doug quickly found a buyer for our home.

Richie & Nikki Strong

  • You were honest and always found an answer to our questions. Thanks for everything!

John & Elaine Green

  • Calls were returned promptly

Joe & Kathy Powell

  • FAST! All our questions were answered in a timely manner. We would definitely recommend HERON Real Estate

Marla & Kim Davison

  • Really worked hard to find a buyer for our property.

John Lewis

  • Your willingness to keep searching for over 3 years for the right home for me. (who would have thought that I would end up at one of the first homes I looked at!!

Dan & Kelley Harvey

  • From the very first phone call it was clear that your concern was only in with what we were looking for. Thank You for supporting every avenue we looked into.