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The Market Analysis (CMA) Myth.

I had a friend call me yesterday that is thinking about selling her house in the near future.  She is rather “frugal” sometimes, (I can’t say cheap can I?) so she wants to try and sell it on her own. … Continue Reading →

kids in the window

I’m sitting here in my office sweating. I’m too cheap frugal to turn on the air-conditioning unless we are having a closing or I know people are coming in.  I’ve got my shoes off leaning back in my chair with… Continue Reading →

Why do you have five dogs???

Some people wonder why we have five dogs. I like dogs.  I would like them a lot more if they didn’t smell, or lick me, or shed.  =) My wife however, loves dogs. She says they are a better judge… Continue Reading →

search for a house

OK, so now that you are approved for a mortgage, time for step two. (what do you mean you didn’t get approved yet? Go here and read. ) In my book, The Warren Buffet Approach to Sell Real Estate,… Continue Reading →

First steps to buying a house

I bought my first house in 1987, the way I did it back then can’t be done today.  Things have changed. The economy has changed, the loan process has changed, pretty much everything has. The place I bought was a… Continue Reading →

Real Estate Search Engines. How to find a house…

Back in the “old days”, before cell phones and graphic interfaces, if you wanted information about a house for sale you HAD to call a real estate agent and the call would go something like this… Agent: Hello, ABC realty,… Continue Reading →

Tipton is gonna change!

It seems like my entire life I heard that they were going to turn US31 into a freeway. When I was 18 they hadn’t done anything yet.  Didn’t really expect them to, nothing ever changes around here. I left Tipton… Continue Reading →

What makes a house “home”?

What makes a house “HOME”? A while back the National Association of Realtors spent $40,000,000 on an ad campaign “It’s a great time to buy or sell a home!”  Well, I have some news for them.  It can’t be done…. Continue Reading →

the risk of insult is the price of clarity

When I was younger, I couldn’t wait to get out of Indiana, and had run away to California. There was an old man I met. His name was Walt. He drove an old beat up Chevy pick-up. Every time I… Continue Reading →


this is a test post, real blog coming soon.  =)

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