Priced below the appraised value!

Small town real estate can be a bargain, 

I mean really, who wants to live in a quiet little place with no traffic, no rush hour, no stop lights, and the worst criminal is the occasional coyote that wanders in.

Now let’s say you also want to build the ultimate shop, let’s make it 40 feet long and 28 feet wide.

then lets go crazy and put in a 16ft tall overhead door, and while we are at it, put in a loft, a big air compressor, lots of lights and a furnace.  

I wonder what the zoning regulations would be for something like that in the big city??? 

DSC_0266 (Large) DSC_0264 (Large)

While we are at it, just to keep the significant other from messing with my space, let’s build a 2 car garage and attach it to the house.

DSC_0273 (Large)

Since we have the tools out already, might as well make a 3 season room.

Then lets figure out what to do with the space between the garage and the shop.

patio for cookouts? maybe. hot tub, nah…

or how about a  beer garden, now we are cookin!

With all that I really don’t plan on spending too much time in the house but let’s have one anyway. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a compact kitchen but gotta have nice cabinets. and a  great room.

that should pretty well take care of it.

Almost forgot, let’s put on a covered front porch for those rainy days.

Too bad I could never afford all of that… gotta be well over 100k.  I guess I will go buy a lottery ticket and dream.


I can afford it, it’s in Kempton, at 201 S Elm St.


I love small towns!


If you want to see this place

    Call  Doug Heron, at 317-376-4837.

or email, [email protected]

If you already have your own agent, that’s cool too.  Just have them call to set it up.


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