Auto Shop? Boutique? Car Collection? Craft Brewery?

This place has been a lot of things over the years. Most recently as an auto repair business. But I like to look toward the future. People don’t have to be defined by their pasts, and neither do buildings.

I can see a craft brewery in this place. Plenty of parking and space for out door seating.

Or maybe small custom auto restoring center.

If you are a car collector, there is space for a shop and spaces to display and show off your work.

I could even see this as a retro styled boutique full of cool boho styles.

It’s really only limited by your dreams and your imagination. What can you see going in here?


The building itself sits at 515 N Main St, in Tipton, Indiana. The building has 1440 square feet. Part of it has ceilings high enough to do whatever you want. Part of it is office and display space. 

The paved parking lot covers the rest of the lot.

And The price is only $100,000

    Call  Doug Heron, at 317-376-4837.

or email, [email protected]

If you already have your own agent, that’s cool too. 

Just have them call to set it up.