Everyone has a Dream Home in mind but,

Not everyone wants to live in the city.

then again, most people don’t want to in the middle of nowhere either.

So, what if there was a place that had the benefits of both?

In a subdivision with estate sized lots, so the neighbors weren’t right on top of you.

Yet close enough so you don’t feel like there is nobody around.

Then let’s make this place only 3 miles from town.  

That way it’s close enough you can make a drink run during halftime

and return before the game starts back up.

That’s even close enough you could actually run! (or not)

Then, say it’s Monday morning and you have to go work.  Guess what, it’s only 3 miles the other direction to hop on the new US-31.  Over all, I’d say things don’t get much more convenient than that. Really is the best of both worlds.

Since you are building a house, what’s your idea of a “Dream House”?

I have heard that tiny houses are all the rage these days…  uh, no thanks. Every house in Castle Creek Estate will be at least 2000 square feet.

then, in a dream neighborhood, there wouldn’t be any of those ugly gravel driveways.

and of course none of the houses would have cheap looking siding. Let’s make them at least 50% masonry…

I think I”m liking this place so far.

You know what else drives me nuts? I spend a lot of time keeping my yard nice and I hate it when the guy next door let’s his get tall enough to bale!  Let’s make sure everybody keeps the grass lower than 4 inches.

And i like eggs as much as the next person but…  I sure don’t want to hear a rooster at the crack of dawn! No livestock in this neighborhood. oh, and Dogs and Cats are not livestock. My dog is my best friend.  woof woof.

So we can walk the dog, (or the cat) and we might run into other dogs, lets make the sidewalks 5 feet wide. Plenty of room to pass even a stroller.

McMahon Custom Homes, Inc builds a great house but we understand you may already have a favorite builder so you can use them if you like.  The only thing is you have to take the plans to the Architectural Control Committee so everything is in harmony with the surroundings.  Sorry, no yurts.  If that is your dream house I will be happy to point you in the right direction. 

Remember, Tipton County is an agriculture centered area so you may have to occasionally pull over for a tractor or two.  Yes, you may get a whiff of sweet corn in the air in the fall and the sweet smell of freshly turned soil.  And don’t be surprised if a wandering deer strolls by some mornings. It doesn’t get much better!

The lot prices start at $35,900.

for more info

    Call  Doug Heron, at 317-376-4837.

or email, [email protected]


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