I work Hard!

I don’t have a lot of time to travel so I want a place that is like my own personal resort!

I want to be able to watch the deer and the birds in my back yard.

I want a place I can work on my toys.

I want a place to get away from everything, even when I only have an hour to do it!

And I don’t want neighbors breathing down my back either…

You know what else I want?

I huge great room, with 12 ft. vaulted ceilings and a gas fireplace at one end.

A big kitchen with tile floors and dining area would be nice too.

While we are at it, a big laundry room would be good.

and since we are dreamin,

might as well put a big enclosed front porch all the way across the front. 

and a fire pit,

and enough parking so all my friends don’t have to park in the yard at our cookouts…

Just for fun, lets throw in a chicken coop.

nothing better than FRESH FRIED CHICKEN!!

It has 3 acres but could be up to 10 acres. 

Like Grandpa says, “They ain’t makin no more land!”

All that is here, In Tipton County, and Tipton Schools.

662 S 800 East

it’s an Elwood mailing address, but in Tipton County.


If you want to see this place

    Call  Doug Heron, at 317-376-4837.

or email, [email protected]

If you already have your own agent, that’s cool too. 

Just have them call to set it up.



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Inside Photos

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