Take a Walk Down an Old Time Main Street,

Without ever going outside!DSC_0003-3 (Large)

Do you remember “back in the day”, or heard stories of then at least, when you could grab a coke and walk down the street?

Stop by the old antique store, (voted one of the TOP TEN BEST in Indiana) and browse.  You never know what you would find that you didn’t really need but just can’t live without.

Then head on over to the flower shop, smell the blooms and the fresh air, and pick up a bouquet for your sweetie.

with flowers in hand you stop by the local Habitat for Humanity place and catch up on all the gossip.  I know, you don’t really gossip…

If you are so inspired, waltz into a custom jewelry making for that one of a kind piece that will win over someones heart.

as you continue your lazy afternoon stroll you go by one of those mystery offices that no one really seems to know what they do in there, but something must go on coz the lights are on.  anyway by now you have worked up an appetite so you walk into the local gourmet coffee and ice cream store, grab a little something to eat and another coke.

After you leave the eatery you think, boy, I shouldn’t have had that second Coke so you run behind the fence to pee.  Not really, but there is a public restroom and it is behind the privacy fence. =)

The day was kinda windy  and your hair is a little disheveled (that was a joke, you are inside) so stop in at the beauty salon and set up an appointment to get your hair done next week as well.

Last stop of the afternoon will be at the friendly insurance office.  Who needs healthcare.gov when you can deal with someone local…

You can even get your computer fixed. yes, I know they didn’t have computers “back in the day” but what would you do without one today?

You might have thought the days when you could do that were long gone with a Walmart in every other town but it is true, this is a real place, you can do all that in the span of one block and it’s all inside a place called The Side Street Mall, right in the heart of Tipton, Indiana.

Best of all, you can own it.

To arrange a personal tour of the mall

Just stop by and browse, bring your credit card!

or for more info

    Doug Heron, at 765-675-8679.  If you already have your own agent, that’s cool too.  Just have them call to set it up.

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